Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Debugging Information

These chemicals in my brain
as natural as me.
Tearing at me
ripping me apart inside,
causing me to die inside
slowly and deliberately.

Dying –
the one function
I can promise to carry out
without fail.

Quickly enough to make
me aware of the whole ordeal,
to stare him in the face
and watch him change,
slowly enough to allow
me to recall
every smile revealed.

I shout from my sleep,
We must expose this foe!

this mind of mine –
dragging and screaming
allegations through the mud,
tickling and whispering
obscenities in my ear.
Quietly, though I hear
all that they say:

“This has been a travesty
for all those,
in contact with the facts”

and the end is near.


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