Tuesday, January 02, 2007

howling madly at passing cars,
awake by the side of the road.

Cars flying by
The side of the road…
Seem to Shout
“shoe” as forward they go.

To begin,
Using the knowledge you’ve
About the desert,
and other assorted dry, hot things,
It should come as no surprise,
That after the cacti and this heat,

I chose,
The side of the road …
A solid chunk of brown sugar sand
That contray to looks,
still tastes like regular old sand
as the only safe place
on this whole concrete planet.

Taste buds defeated,
My mind decides to move on.

Though while advancing…
And to my dismay…
I began graphically illustrating that…
Running from life,
no matter in which direction…
Instantly becomes
as soon as you’ve begun.

And remembering
that movement requires energy,
I stared at my pedals pleadingly.
Thinking that…
If only I could move these feet,
For even a foot,
I would convince
These questions to quiet.

To stop asking things like…

”How long
can I possibly stand here
wondering just how long
I can possibly stand here. “

Mind made up,
Determined to progress,
I move forward,
While above me,
the heat conspires with the sun,
To draw beads from my head…
effectively targeting and eliminating
every drop of liquid
It could squeeze out
from within.

And now,
My body aching.
Sponged dry after all this time,
I’ve come to realize
the sun overhead
is the only evidence I have
of today’s progression.

Further shocking revelations;
if time trusted calculations
Were correct,
it seemed that only seconds
had actually passed,
and I began fancifully envisioning
that cars would soon

My mistake,
Failing to envision the part,
Where one of them actually stopped.


In only a few minutes,
What felt like long hours
Had passed
In the sky,
Light dwindling away…
I sat on the ground
My book to the sun,
And with no real plan to follow,
began to read… again.

I read until my eyes complained;
Their needed light had quietly gone,
And thus they refused to work anymore.

With darkness overhead,
Book somewhere snug
Feet on the sand,
I walked again.

Because I couldn’t read anymore.

In weakness,
And considering empathy…
I stopped at daybreak.
Thinking someone would stop.

Time passed,
eyes began to read.

I took my time spent reading
as an implicit indication,
Being quietly offered,
That apparently,
I was unwanted.

Which resulted in,
my sleeping,
standing up,
on the side of the road,
till the Morning arrived,
when I awoke…
tired but smiling.

Though later,
Still alone,
Smile straightened
I hungrily gorged on sleep.

Predictably though,
My meal was
Only occasionally interrupted by
Those screaming “shoes”…
And I never found a stopper.

With dusk arriving …
And to express my frustration,
I Began
howling madly at passing cars.

And to my surprise,
I’m here,
still awake
on the side of the road.


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