Thursday, November 30, 2006

Natural Order

Research Project


Serious talk time, now!

Featuring topics as diverse as:
Eternity and everything thereafter!

Or if you choose –

everything we can see,
and taste
all the way from here
and instantaneously over to there!

Follow it,

passed up
passed down
pulled to the back
and of course,
who could ever forget
our favorite one of all –
the milky way.

He mused:

Quantum physics told to us by
the only man since Einstein to look sexy in an abacus,
and we’re just gonna keep on plugging away,
not sure of what is next, only hoping to...

Yet we have heard talk of
divine inspiration
stumbling down
fantastic paths,
and I seek you,
a full-fledged hunt that,
after years of diligence,
finds nothing.

Which is of great sadness to me,
though in our defense,
in this case, we did not give up.
And after we fail to satisfy our inner urges
Nothing seemed to work,
including the weekend getaways to the soul
and back.

And then I turned to the madmen
hiding in shacks covered with smoke...
Anything that permeates the soul,
and allows it to leave
cannot be all bad.

We are not to blame
for our fascination with all things sacred.

History is our best defense in this case.

Who can blame one,
when the paper trail proves
we have been prophesied and polarized,
by 100,000 years of history.

And now we are alone,
realizing that nothing can connect us with anything
but death.

And the burning that came before
lasted for only a few seconds,
but was well worth it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Staring Through

When soap and air meet light

sweet bubble
sounds of glistening
one finds it hard
to imagine
you fear the impending
and if you do –
how do you stay
so beautiful
all the time?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

dancing fool

Worrying about it will only make it worse

Here comes…
the sudden rush,
Of a different feeling.

A whole new light,
One where the red is more prominent.
and the constant moving through my mind,
becomes sudden squatting in my veins,
And the thought of what comes next,
Leads to the thoughts taking over
where I once had control.

Flustered in the shadows
I can think of nothing else.
Confused and silent
I can hear all the thoughts
I don’t want to have…
worse yet,
they’re burrowing into my mind,
Deeper and downer
to the core of the problem,
Where one day
(I think.)
I will explode from within.

azack in the corner

Monday, November 27, 2006


Slow down
the shutter speed
and watch as everything
drags behind,
leaving a trail of itself,
or leaving itself.

One after another
after another,
in progressive succession,
ghosts floating out
up and away.

Free for a fraction,
until that click says
Now is the moment,
and then the details
become momentarily clear,
with all their baggage
dragging directly behind them.